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When Vehicle inspection policy will be announced?

The national Automotive Policy (NAP), scheduled for announcement next month, will begin laying the ground for the eventual introduction of mandatory inspection for personal vehicles, according to the Malaysia Automotive Institute(MAI)


Which car fall under the inspection check list?

MAI has declined to divulge the age above which vehicles must undergo inspection and the frequency of inspection.

However, it gave the assurance that the government will introduce incentives, for instance road tax rebates, with the implementation


What will be the progress to implement?

To help car owners get into the routine of regular inspections, the NAP will begin with a voluntary inspection system with incentives in place.

However, the incentives will be announced at a later stage once the infrastructure is ready and the public is well aware of importance of inspections for safety.

Madani explained that preparing the infrastructure includes expending the network of authorised inspection centres to a level that is convenient for the public.


Current vehicle inspection company and outlook?

At present, Puspakom, owned by DRB-Hicom Berhad, is the only vehicle inspection company appointed by the government to undertake mandatory inspection of vehicles. Puspakom currently charges RM 50 for the voluntary inspection of cars.

The current number of centres will not be able to cope with the volume cars that need to be inspected in the future, according to Madani, adding the rule of thumb is to expand the network centres so that every car owner is within a 60km radius of the centre.

Unclear that government may open up the vehicle inspection business to more players.


What is the follow up action after inspected?

To be clear, the eventual mandatory vehicle inspection system will not be same as an end-of-life vehicle policy. A car found not to be roadworthy will not be scrapped altogether, but the owner will have to correct any defects found in order to renew his or her road tax.


What is oversea norms?

German and Japan require inspections of passenger vehicles, which are 3 years or order, every 2 years. In the UK, inspection is carried out annually for vehicles aged over 3 years.


What else is in the new NAP?

Madini said the new NAP would provide greater emphasise on automotive parts vendors to collaborate with car manufactures which the previous NAP did not.


Sources: The Edge


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