My Alza Owners’ Club

my alza owners' club is the popular Malaysia auto club for the Perodua’s Alza. The word “My” in the club’s name signifies that it is a genuine homegrown Malaysian website by Malaysian, and for Malaysian, in particular the Alza owners and fans. It is a website where one can easily socialize and discuss with the others everything from head to tail about Alza. Events for the members are in the pipeline to bring the Alza fans even closer. Just stay tune with us.

With hundreds of registered members so far, just merely three weeks since its birth, speaks for itself on how popular the club is. In fact, has to invest and upgrade the hosting package to one without bandwidth restriction within the first week after its birth simply because it has hit the monthly data transfer limit! Thanks to the generosity of Malaysian Car Classifieds Website http://www.CarOnline.mywhich agreed to sponsor the hosting of for 3 years, now the club can fully serve its members without any constraint anymore. welcomes any suggestion for improvement and also new members to join this Alza family. It will also want to thanks its members for their support so far and look forward to becoming better and better in the foreseeable future.

You can visit our forum at

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